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24 hour comic jam redux


Yesterday, I attended the 24 hour comic challenge hosted by The Comic Book Lounge & Gallery, where I met the lovely Keiren Smith and Alice Quinn who were both so kind as to read my work. The comics being made were pretty impressive, and I was surprised at how much detailed inking was going on. I was less ambitious and worked on a text heavy piece; this would be my recommendation if you want to guarantee finishing because it is so much faster to write than it is to draw. I’d also set a timeline to keep yourself on track.

Some practical non-creative tips:

  • A number of people know each other and visitors will drop by, so if you are easily distracted by conversation levels of noise, bring headphones/music or earplugs.
  • Bring lots of water and non-messy, calorie dense snacks like protein bars, easy to peel fruit, etc. You might be sitting still but your brain will be making a lot of decisions quickly and solving problems, both of which burn a lot of energy.
  • A smaller sized drawing board is recommended as there were a lot of participants and a larger board can be a space hog.
  • Bring a laptop or tablet if you anticipate needing reference photos. There will be free wifi.
  • Don’t forget to stretch; your muscles will thank you (and perhaps punish you if you don’t).
  • There are some great restaurants in the area worth checking out. I finished early, but my dinner plan was a take out order of dolmeh, zeitoon parvardeh, pita and dough from Pomegranate before their dinner rush (they don’t normally do take away orders but I called; hey, I come prepared). Utopia Cafe is pretty good too and they have a takeout menu.
  • Get to know other cartoonists! There was a lot of camaraderie among the troops and it’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people in the city. Just respect someone’s space when it’s obvious they’re in the zone.

As for the comic itself, I made a tribute to my grandmother that I’ll post when I get around to scanning and pdfing it. Keep an eye out for it!