Surrealist photography

For some reason, I was often inspired by photographic images in making TBOM. I suspect that it is because there is something about the medium of photography and its mass reproduction that reminds me of industrialization, modernization and the uneasy relationship photography has had with representing reality.

Anyway, enough preamble and onto the images:

Michiko Kon

I found a compilation of Kon’s photographs in a used bookstore. Intrigued by the cover photograph, I began flipping through the photographs and discovered that the introduction was written by none other than Ryu Murakami. Glittering fish heads and Murakami. I was sold.

Pierre Molinier

M. Molinier has been described as “An inveterate seducer, thoroughgoing fetishist, unrepentant transvestite and inadvertent bisexual.” Legend has it that he masturbated over his young sister’s corpse. Wikipedia includes this winning quote: “Even dead, she was beautiful. I shot sperm on her stomach and legs, and onto the First Communion dress she was wearing. She took with her into death the best of me.”

Oh COME ON. This is like something straight out of a Bataille novel. I don’t even care if this story about his sister is apocryphal, the fact that someone would attribute such a quote to this man is enough. Sold.