A preemtive note

In case you were wondering about TBOM’s blurring a la Japanese porn, please read this note.


I haven’t seen any actual sm action yet. And you’ve blurred the hottest panels. What gives?

This comic is meant to tease the reader first. And while we all love a little foreplay, I feel your pain. There’s a sex museum in Praha with an entire floor devoted to bdsm that is, according to various Trip Advisor reviews, “disturbing”, “disgusting”, “creepy” etc. The admission was 250 ck (CA$13.50) for what I suspected would be rows of display cases filled with old timey dildos and vibes and bdsm gear that, while likely to horrify puritanical N. American Anglo tourists, would probably strike me as unremarkable. So I ended up prioritizing other sites. Yet the descriptions on Trip Advisor continue to haunt me today. Should I have just gone? Why didn’t any of the reviewers just describe the freakin third floor? If you have been similarly haunted, please be patient; the comic does become progressively NSFW. Also, I’m sorry you don’t like the blurring, but I’m not sorry enough to uncensor the files. I do intend to print TBOM afterall and of course that version will be Gaussian blur free. However, if you send me clear, 360 degree photographs of the Sex Machines Museum’s third floor, I will happily send you uncensored files in exchange.