Review: LOSE #4


I first came across Michael Deforge‘s work in Samehat‘s Thickness series (also recommended) and upon the suggestion of Peter Birkemoe, I ended up discovering his other work which I have enjoyed.

LOSE #4 is one of the most creative works I read in 2012 and one of the rare comics that made me actually LOL. It’s a collection of short comics that are difficult to describe. There’s a kind of internal, psuedo-scientific logic that governs many of Deforge’s comics that really comes to the fore with LOSE #4. He takes familiar settings and details and reconfigures them in these strange organic and technological systems to create new, warped, inventive worlds.

The story that made me laugh was Canadian Royalty, which reads like a bizarre encyclopedic entry, and is a quasi-historical take on the Canadian royal family, interweaving national landmarks and details (the Quebec separation referendum, the CBC/NFB, etc.) to create an absurd and whimsical comic that is at the same time, entirely familiar.

lose-deforge-can-royalty lose-deforge-insidecover

I went to the LOSE #4 launch (also with Patrick Kyle and Zach Worton) in Toronto a few months back. It was fairly casual event. Interestingly, one of the first questions Deforge fielded was whether he was into bdsm; one of the comics featured a psuedo-bdsm club. He replied no, he’d never been to a leather bar. Tant pis!

Find more previews on Koyama Press’ site. LOSE #2-#4 are available at The Beguiling.