Review: Stripburger

stripburgerStripburger is bilingual zine that offers a bi-annual collection of indy comics with interviews, articles and reviews. The comics are from all over the world, but there is an emphasis on Slovene cartoonists.

While the styles are varied, the issue I read all share a certain raw quality, and a sombre character. A number of the comics dealt with the political upheavals of WW2 and the history of conflict that Europe is steeped in. Despite also being involved in the world wars, I find this kind of historical trauma is more or less absent in N. American mainstream culture, whereas, in Europe, you only have to scratch the pretty tourist surface to access this undercurrent of political resistance and historical memory.

My favourite comics were by Boris Stanic/Srbija (Serbia) for its evocative use of colour, and Alberto Vazquez/Spain for the expressive line work.

I came across Stripburger in a little Praha bookstore (where I also scored a copy of Kant’s Critique of Practical Reason published in 1870!). I was very pleased because while corporate bookstores there have a “komiksy” section, they appear to only stock translations of N. American comics. I’m not sure how easy it is to find Stripburger in N. America; the masthead says that it’s distributed by Top Shelf.

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