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Kawai’s Guide to Falling in Love with Inappropriate Persons

At long last, I hereby present a free download of my manual on how to fall in love with someone you can’t (or shouldn’t) have and still feel absolutely amazing.


(Pressed for time? Scroll down past text for the download link with image previews below)

If you have never fallen desperately, maddeningly in love with a completely inappropriate person or if you have never partaken of the bittersweet elixir of unrequited love, allow me to express my condolences of your loss. For falling in love with someone you cannot ethically pursue presents an ideal situation in which you can train yourself to fully maximize the power of love simply because it is a masturbatory exercise. Just as it is easier to learn how to manipulate sexual energy whilst masturbating instead of engaging in intercourse with a partner, so it is with falling in love. By flying solo, you significantly reduce the sheer volume of power you are working with and simplify the structure through which that power will flow.

If you are hiding your true feelings, if you have deployed your rational mind to crush your own desires, if you are tired of the constant struggle and just wish the love would go the fuck away, this guide is for you. There is a kinder path than muscling your way through what may be years of suppressing something that may never truly leave you.

If you know you’re acting like a fool, if you know you’re going to do something you’ll regret, if you know your present actions are harmful to others and/or yourself but you can’t seem to stop yourself, this guide is especially written for you. It may not be easy to hear this, but if being in love is compromising your ethical conduct, it is indicative of your corruptibility in the face of power. I say this not to make you feel poorly about yourself; we are all corruptible beings afterall.

You might feel out of control now, but falling in love actually presents the opportunity to grow, for love can be truly transformational because of the power it brings.

This guide is most suitable for persons who have fallen in love with someone they do not have a close, emotionally intimate relationship with although principals may still be applied if this is not the case. Those with addictive personalities may find my methods too taxing to be useful.