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12 Hour Women’s Only Comic Marathon

comic book embassy

I had met the event’s gracious host, Keiren Smith, at the 24 Hour Comic Challenge a few months ago. I quite enjoyed the event so I leapt at the chance to attend another comics jam organized by her. This one was held in a smaller space, at the Comic Book Embassy/Bootcamp. It’s a great little studio conveniently located on Spadina just south of College.

Compared with the 24 hour challenge, the 12 hour event was a relaxing, low key, drop-in event and I arrived just in time to sample some goodies (both visual and edible) and to join a dinner outing at Hibiscus Cafe (where I take all my gluten free diners!).

I had the pleaure of meeting a number of interesting creative women including co-host/founder of the studio, Megan Kearney, and cartoonists Meaghan Carter and Savannah Macintosh. The studio model is a great resource for people to get inspired, network and trade war stories learn about the industry. Women’s voices and perspectives are often marginalized so it’s great to have a space where women can have their creativity supported and championed.

I also really like the shared studio model because it offers a great way to address the social isolation that comes with creating comics. Right now, they have some openings. I wish I was around Toronto enough to justify signing up; I’ve been travelling a lot this year and haven’t been in one place for over three consecutive months.

Anyways, there was a lot of deep conversing going on, but I did manage to scribble down some roughs for my next Kawai’s Guide (to Ovulation). Still needs a fair bit of work, but for the curious, here are a couple strips in the works:

1) When ovulating, you may find your dietary preferences will change.


I’m not sure that I want to keep the women in profile. At least, I’ll have to space the heads father apart because right now, it looks like the dinner table shrunk by a couple feet in the last two panels.

2) When ovulating, you may desire people that you would not otherwise find sexually attractive.


Pretty happy with the layout but I might rewrite this entire text exchange. At the very least, I’m not sure that it’s clear from the 2nd last text that I’m in the ER because of a tuna can accident. I didn’t actually text anyone in real life since my hand was wrapped up in gauze like a mummy but the story is 100% true – the poor guy couldn’t even sit up straight. And now I have the scar to remind me of what a one track mind I can have.

4 thoughts on “12 Hour Women’s Only Comic Marathon

  1. I’m so deeply pleased you enjoyed the event (and I’m also pleased that you didn’t just write “degenerated quickly into gossip and nobody did any work”, which, while closer to the truth, doesn’t sound as impressive!). I’m glad we finally had the chance to meet. Feel free to come by and say hello anytime, and if you’re just looking for somewhere to hotel for a few weeks when you’re in Toronto, we can do that, too!

    • Likewise, Megan! And thank you for your encouraging words. I will surely consider your offer when I’m back from Europe.

      (For those who don’t know what “to hotel” means, from my understanding, it is one of a number of ways through which you can rent space at the studio.)

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