Recommended: Yoshikazu Ebisu

Just a couple quick recommendations today:
yoshikazu-ebisu-cover yoshikazu-ebisu-inside

While in Berlin, I came across this untitled collection of comics by Yoshikazu Ebisu that had been translated into French. Truth be told, you don’t need to really understand the language to appreciate the arresting, hypersaturated, superflat visual style. Ebisu’s palette reminded me of Japanese poster artist, Tadanori Yokoo, whose psychedelic visions I have always loved.


I also perservered in trying to find a German language comic I could appreciate and found this little mini book by fox italic. I couldn’t find the artist’s name, but it’s a series of illustrations in which the spidery type is crammed into different silhouettes in inventive ways. I’m going to pretend it is all very clever and ironic.