Landscape with a corpse

Who hasn’t thought about what they’d like to wear when they die? Oh, is it just me?

Izima Kaoru’s Landscape with a corpse series left me feeling ambivalent. Death is many things, but it’s rarely pretty, especially with the young. And why only women? But the photos aren’t really about death; they’re a fetishization and objectification of death and fashion. And in the realm of fantasy, why shouldn’t death be drop dead gorgeous?

Personally, if Kaoru asked me how I’d like my death to look, I’d like to be wearing: my blood orange lingerie set; starchy black cotton sleeveless top with a bustle tail; grey denim skinnies; Doc Martens; wolf fur stole; moto leather gloves; silver necklace with an Artemis pendant with the word courage engraved on the back; titanium wedding ring. Death by exposure. Dessicated corpse found on the spring equinox in a Canadian hibernaculum covered in writhing, copulating snakes.