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Listen up, son.
I’m going to stab this
pricky needle into
my heart, suck out
all the god
and stick you with that
intoxicating venom.

And you’re gonna love it.
Scout’s honour: You’re gonna
squeal, oh
your tongue is gonna loll, boy.
          Give us a kiss.

You ever been fucked hard
up the spine with pure love?
You ever had it gentle on a buzz?
You ever spun yourself out
on the four jhanas
so that your every cell is marinating in light?
          Levitate with me, son.
I’ll be your girl, your guru.

Together we’ll dance a helix
into that protean abyss
hip to hip like
siamese twins.
Let me feel you sway, oh

I’ll have you know
that if you keep giving
with that foxy smile
I’m just going to ask for more.
I’ll do things to you
you’ll never recover from.

Damn, son!
Your naked gaze
defenseless and stripped
          it’s an apocalypse
boy, you’re making me blush.

And when I release you
it’s only because
I want you to beg me for more, just like
the way I learned to beg, oh

give us a smile, son.
I’ve been so alone, I’ve been
taking it
          like a man;
don’t you know
I’m on my knees too

asking for it
asking for it
asking for it


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