read against the grain

A few works of art that informed this little hallucinogenic dream sequence:

Originally, this scene played out very differently, with the Possessor of Mutations as a wandering bedouin who gives Corinne an ultimatum in which she must choose between murdering her mother or having the Book of Mutations remain forever blank. But I thought it would be far more interesting, and more in line with the Possessor’s dualistic, mercurial nature to be bound and vulnerable. To be honest, I also wanted to draw a meat chair, based on Michiko Kon’s photography. MEAT.


I also probably was thinking about The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis which features a handsome young prince who is enslaved by a gorgeous, charming, seductive queen and bound at night to a silver chair where he suffers agonies and begs to be released. Oh yes.


Besides my eroticized reading of The Silver Chair, it was my favourite novel in the Narnia series because it’s all about following the wisdom of intuition over rational thinking, arrogance and fear. I know it’s actually supposed to be an allegory for listening to Christ, but it was apparent to me, even as a kid, that the whole Narnia series is fucking racist and misogynist, so I’ll read it however the hell I want.

The other source of inspiration is far more suited to the subject matter.


When I was in secondary school, a friend of mine downloaded a grainy .avi of nin’s Closer for me, an undertaking which in those days probably took several hours, perhaps days. I am indebted to her patience, for it seems the image of Trent Reznor, topless and objectified, writhing at the end of his rope while singing about being debased by sex, burrowed its way into my unconscious to become well acquainted with all the other bizarre visuals I collected and housed in there for use years later down the road.

Thankfully, sharing music videos is no longer the arduous task it once was: