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Teaser: Chicago Zine Fest 2014


In more great news, I’ll be exhibiting at Chicago Zine Fest this year! The event runs Friday, March 14th to Saturday, March 15th at Columbia College, 1104 S. Wabash Ave. just south of The Loop. You can check out the other exhibitors or continue reading for a list of what I’ll be bringing with me and a teaser of a zine I haven’t published here.

Kawai’s Guide to Cat Calling – Short comics and musings on cat calling.

Kawais’ Guide to Falling in Love with Inappropriate Persons – You know it’s never going to work out, but here’s how to feel absolutely amazing anyway.


My favourite motherfucker, Georges Bataille

Kawai’s Dead Intellectuals Hot List Vol. 1: Continental Philosophy – an extremely puerile zine about my continental crushes. Because we all need a little levity after reading the likes of Bataille and Foucault.

Suburban Mystic – A collection of illustrations and poems including Disciple and Year of the Snake.

Curse of the Winter Whore – An illustrated ribald poem about geriatric love and vengeance.

and possibly more…


Getting ready to make zines! Hope to see you soon ❤