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Dangerous Women

I’ve been working on a few more portraits in this series. It’s my “holiday” from working on a longer form narrative comic.

I’ve been experimenting with using digital type vs handwritten. I think the latter works better but I worry that my handwriting is not legible as I’ve had people express difficulty in reading it. (Click images to view larger.)



They tried to take away her language so she became mute and spoke to the ghosts in her head.
Then they tried to starve her so she cooked the soles of her shoes.
Then they tried to exile her so she escaped unscathed.
Sometimes you can see her walking her dog.
She is still handy with a shotgun.



She is a political animal with the soul of a bureaucrat.

Her world is orderly and standardized. Every action has its process. She will brook no exceptions.

Corporate euphemisms are her poetry. “Shareholders have voted to optimize our division’s work force in order to leverage hidden assets and focus on key competencies following the company’s negative profit in the third quarter.”

She produces 2.34 ounces of menstrual blood every 28 days, not one drop more, not one drop less.

At the end of each night, she meditates upon her actions and resolves to be more efficient the next day.

Many men have tried to humiliate her but she has no shame.



She embodies all racial fetishes.

She has adorable little tits and a voluptuous booty.

She was born wearing eyeliner and press on nails.

She speaks English in every conceivable accent.

She is your submissive, saucy, nympho slut mail-order wife who doesn’t believe in divorce.

You can call her all the racial slurs you like, but you will never be able to afford her.

*NOTE: I chose pink as a skin tone here as a nod to Edward Said’s Orientalism in which racial stereotypes are understood as a projection of the prejudices, fears and desires of the colonizer rather than a reflection of reality.

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