Recommended: Intergalactic Telepathic Pen Pal


Intergalactic Telepathic Pen Pal is a charming little collection of “super short” comics by Yumi Sakugawa. While the stories are short, with the majority running one to two pages in length, they all engage with big ideas and might be described as musings on metaphysical and spiritual concerns.


Like the collection’s title, the comics are playful and imaginative. Many of the stories take place in quiet, quotidian spaces and are complimented by Sakugawa’s spare, delicate style. When it comes to matters like cycles of reincarnation or the vastness of the cosmos, Sakugawa’s world is full of a million shy little secrets rather than a few grand, sweeping truths.


I bought Intergalactic Telepathic Pen Pal at TCAF but you can also purchase her work online.