Panthor Launch


Chicks make him hard Cash makes him cum

Panthor is a full colour comic about an assassin with a handlebar mustache and a very agile penis. Honestly, I tried to think of a better way to introduce the book but that’s the best I can do. Like all of Manczyk’s comics, they are pretty absurd and the launch was no different. I’ve gone to a number of Beguiling events, but this is easily the most absurd one I’ve attended.

Everything started off fairly innocuously: Aaron selling comics and tshirts in the back, people milling about getting drinks, that sort of thing. I already had a copy of Panthor so I picked up a print on something I can only describe as a cum rag.


A phallic Taoist sage greets Panthor.

Then the lights dim. Aaron walks to the stage, wrapped in a green towel, liberally dispensing whipped cream into attendees’ mouths and you think: why doesn’t every book launch involve whipped cream? Other highlights from the evening:


Paul, Aaron and fries

Paul: Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. How many people have you had intercourse with?
Aaron: *wink*
Paul: Why are you only wearing a towel?
Aaron: You said dress comfortable. This is comfort right here.
Paul: Why do your comics have so much sex and violence?
Aaron: Write what you know.

This is pretty much how the entire interview went. After the Q&A, there was also a contest for free comics which resulted in some kissing, an arm wrestle and the following haiku by a cute audience member:

Dicks are more clever/Than dead leaves in vaginas/Postpone the wedding

There it is. You can pick up copies of Panthor and other comics by Manczyk at The Beguiling. Cumming soon to Quimby’s.