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Teaser: Sabotage (Pillow talk & Mother is the first sovereign)

I had a whole script written out for Sabotage, but new scenes that don’t fit into the narrative keep popping into my head.

Here is Kitty, being typically morose and melodramatic.


And here’s Kitty’s idea of a little friendly flirtation with a stranger she just met in a bar.

Herman: I don’t believe one person having power over another can be anything but oppressive.

Kitty: What about a mother’s power over her child? She has the power to decide whether her child will live or die. It’s an entirely asymmetrical relationship. And when a mother exercises that power, is she oppressing her charge? Well, maybe, if she’s like a really shitty person.

Herman: I’m only concerned about power in the political realm.

Kitty: And I’m saying if you only think about power in one context, you’re not getting the whole picture.

I didn’t bother to draw the second one because, well, no one is naked in that scene.