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TCAF15 inventory and anthology news

This will be my first year tabling at TCAF! You can find me on the second floor @ table 270:
I’ll have the following wares:
kus! (pronounced kush) issue #16: a full colour international comics anthology.
Snackies: collection of different comics, some excerpts, some colour pages.
Legacies: based on a 24 hour comic, a personal story about my grandmother. It’s made people teary eyed!
Everlasting Dérive: illustrated collection of essays and comic about “drifting.” An exploration of power, identity and boundaries.
Horsepower: wordless micro-comic about power.
Kawai’s Guide to Falling in Love with Inappropriate Persons: a collage zine that is exactly what the title says. Advocates for an another path that does not including following one’s impulses nor repressing one’s emotions.
Suburban Mystic: handbound illustrated collection of poems about erotic power and mysticism, including this one.
Curse of the Winter Whore: a nasty ribald poem about geriatric sex.
In addition to my books, we’ll be debuting the haunting and otherworldly work of Jacob Wiebe. He’ll be at the table in the flesh on Saturday so we hope you can drop by ❤
As for the other news… it’s now official: I was accepted into the 6th issue of Dirty Diamonds! Be sure to check out their TCAF table at 249 (conveniently located just around the table from me). If you pick up a promotional comic for DD#6 (Beauty), you’ll get some kind of secret kickstarter code so check it out!