recommended naughty comics from TCAF15


These mini reviews have been a long time coming. I picked all three of these up at TCAF:


Cretian Cow is Gengoroh Tagame’s foray into the world of ancient Greek myth so I’m sorry but I really must describe it as “classic Tagame.” Like many of Tagame’s stories it involves a lot of pain and abuse, but I’d describe this tale as most more grotesque than sadistic.


The translation is given a modern cadence which I think is appropriate given how the story makes no attempts at historical accuracy. I showed it to my classicist friends thinking they might be horrified, but I forgot they’re freaking Greek classicists, who pretty much consistently win at humanity’s eccentricity olympics.


Wuvable Oaf by Ed Luce is a character based, long running series comic that reminded me of how much fun it was to hang out in the village when I was in Toronto. And the art is just adorable at times.


Soooooo cute. This was one of my favourite stories, which had many different fashion outfits ❤

I definitely have the sense that this comic would be fun to follow, but I personally find it difficult to commit to long running comic series. (Similarly, I haven’t owned a television in over a decade despite the medium’s “golden age,” tv shows are way too time consuming.)



This little minicomic is a pretty cute take on genital/gender wars that takes its cues from video games and has a genderfluid happy ending. Yes, all the double entendres there were entirely deliberate.

Unfortunately, I gave this comic away to a friend and didn’t realize the title/author wasn’t visible on the photo I took of the comic’s cover. If anyone can tell me what it is, that would be great! I’m pretty sure it’s by a female cartoonist.

Edit: It’s Fuck Wizards by Eleanor Davis!


You can pick up Cretian Cow at the link above or at The Beguiling. Wuvable Oaf #0-1 is sold out but it’s been collected into a larger volume by Fantagraphics. As for the mini comic, I bought it from The Beguiling. If you show Peter the picture I took, I’m sure he could source it for you if it’s still in stock.