Comics & Side Projects


I’ve been working on a comic about the Old Guard/New Guard leather community and its relationship to the straight-ish/pansexual fetish/kink scene but for now, here’s a short quickie comic I did over the holidays about play piercing. If you can’t read the dialogue, there’s a link to enlarge each file.

Note 1: For the curious, the two tracks featured are FKA Twig’s Two Weeks and Yasmine Hamdan’s Hal.

This was the first time I tried doing a comic without any planning (no script or thumbnails). It was fun winging it, but it wasn’t the most efficient way of working. Also, there are a few things I probably would’ve changed to make the story telling read more easily if I’d made thumbnails first (e.g., have the song lyrics match up across panels, etc.). Someone also suggested I end the comic on page 5. I think that works too in giving the story an almost monastic ending rather than the cutesy happy one I went with… Incidentally, this little exercise has given me new appreciation for Chester Brown’s Ed the Happy Clown for which I am told also had no planning involved.

By the by, if you are interested in play piercing, I would highly recommend you do your research before you go out looking for, or looking to become, a human pincushion. Hint: reading this comic does not count as research.