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Milkweed Zine launch party + Graze Magazine arrives

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Milkweed Zine launch! I thought the nasty weather outside would thin the crowd but the gallery became more and more packed as the evening wore on. 8-11 gallery is just my speed – it’s this tiny forgotten little cube wedged between two larger buildings that hosts experimental art and music performances in the unfinished basement downstairs.


Tip: if you like 8-11, there are a number of places in the vicinity doing low-key, experimental stuff like Videofag, White House Studio Project, doubledoubleland, etc.

This was the first time I’ve read in public. I’m a die-hard introvert so public speaking never fails to give me the jitters (I can never seem to convince myself they’re from “excitement” and not knee-knocking nervousness…) but everyone was so into the readings, I can’t imagine a better crowd to have read to.

#2 features my poem and an illustration with Chinese bondage which you can see on the Milkweed Instagram. You can also check out some teasers below, including an interview with feminist porn maker, Erika Lust and more rope art by NymphoNinjas:

I’m looking forward to future issues of Milkweed. I’ve always written about how our society needs more diversity when it comes to representations of sex, whether this is diversity in terms of the acts and people depicted, or diversity in terms of artistic expression, or even diversity in terms of getting beyond a strict porn vs erotica distinction. And Milkweed aims to showcase all those types of diversity. I also love how the editorial team is actively trying to include representations of men, as I find explicit representations of the male body are almost always marketed toward gay men rather than a general audience.

You can grab issue #1 online (or via Amazon boo) or in Toronto at Come As You Are, Likely General or Art Metropole. I’m guessing #2 will have a similar distribution? [Update: Issue #2 is now available online and at CAYA/Likely General!]

In other news, earlier this month, I received my contributor copies of Graze Magazine, a bi-annual literary foodie magazine based out in Chicago.

I discovered Graze during one of my Quimby’s raids and I was immediately drawn to its cover design, the paper stock and sense of humour. I just managed to squeeze myself into its last issue (2011-2015) with a collection of short prose pieces about food and zen. Yes, unfortunately, issue #8 is Graze’s last. You can pick up a copy here.