Deconstructing Comics Podcast

Last week, I spoke with Tim Young who produces the Deconstructing Comics podcast. Tim contacted me after reading my post about representing the internet in comics so we chat about that a little more. We also talk about what I’m working on now, TCAF, tabling tips for introverts, finding funding for making comics and more. If you’re a Patreon supporter of the podcast, you’ll also get access to an additional discussion about representing marginalized groups.

A couple of thoughts I wanted to add. First, we didn’t get into how comics so deftly integrates the representation of both the material aspects of internet usage (actual screenshots or shots of phones, etc.) and its phenomenological aspects (visuals that show how it feels to use the internet). Interestingly, this is the most salient feature I think differentiates the internet in comics from other mediums but from the feedback I’ve received, it’s not what strikes most other people.

Also, as a kind of annotation, in discussing the characters for the comic I’m working on, I described characters as playing to their strengths online – one who is conventionally attractive but not academic while the other is very literate but not conventionally attractive. By strengths, I meant privileges and did not mean to imply that there is weakness in lacking any privilege!


WIP thumbnail for a comic I’m working on. This image is basically a commentary on the insular nature of selfies, how they create a reflective, visual surface of self-representation and self-referentiality.

But that’s enough rambling. You can check out this episode, as well as hundreds of others at the podcast website. Thanks to Tim for interviewing me!