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Zine Dream 9 postmortem

This was my first time tabling at Zine Dream. It was a tight affair, smaller and thereby more relaxed than TCAF or Canzine, but I had the sense that the people who came out were really into zines. There’s also something about the venue, The Great Hall on Queen, that lent an air of DIY-chill to the zine fair and perhaps attracted a certain crowd; I mean, every time I’ve been at a Great Hall event, sex and drugs have been present in some form… But I digress! I’m also happy to report that even though the event was less intense (the tables were generously spaced, which helped a lot), I sold well, selling out of a few titles I’d brought along.


My haul this year is embarrassingly modest. Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle shortly before the show and I wasn’t very mobile 🙁 However, I did love what I picked up:


Raised by Wolves the Internet: I immediately smiled upon seeing the title and cover of this zine by Musterni. I was expecting something silly – instead, it was a personal and creative narrative that made me love it more.

nudes (ish): a cute, full colour, softcore mini nudie mag by Lillian Boy. Its size gives it the casual intimacy of scrolling through your smartphone.

As always, I enjoyed seeing familiar faces, catching up with fellow tablers and meeting interesting people, including Sebastian of Swimmers Group and the ebullient Patrick Sparrow (who drew the skull/flesh postcard in the haul pic above). I also really appreciated the diversity of the event. All zines fairs I’ve attended have been great in this regard, but this is the first one where I’ve had more pointed conversations with people about race and sexuality, including bonding with a Korean woman over how to respond to people asking you if you eat dogs. (My go-to answer: I’m Chinese, I eat everything.)

#lifegoals #carbmountain

Zine Dream is organized by Jesjit Gill (of Colour Code Printing which has printed some of my riso stuff), Patrick Kyle and Alicia Nauta. Many heartfelt thanks to all their amazing efforts in supporting independent artists and the love of zines and comics ❤