Kawai’s Guide to Montréal

  • Speak French. Hint: it’s easier if you get out of the downtown core.
  • See the aboriginal people’s fashion exhibit and whatever is showing at the Musée Mccord


  • Check out some comic book stores and discover some Francophone comics/BD (bandes dessinées). I found these two walking about Rue St. Denis/Rue Rachel E
  • Don’t forget Librairie D+Q, a wonderful bookstore that stocks a well curated selection of literature, comics, zines and independent journals. Like the first floor of The Beguiling and Type Books mashed into one.
  • Visit a market (a must-see for every city I visit) and read your literary/comic finds in a good bakery or cafe everyday

Three food journals and a radical zine


Footwear is fitted to your size 🙂