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2016 in review

2016 was not an easy year for me personally. The year was consumed by caregiving responsibilities for two unrelated individuals so making comics and zines – and even reading comics and zines – pretty much got sidelined this year.


My life in February. This wasn’t even close to the finishing line. Comic censored for privacy reasons.

I did manage to table at two zine fairs though: Canzine and Zine Dream! Had some work published here and there. I also had a lot of fun doing silly texting interviews with comics people.


From Peter Birkemoe’s interview

Honestly, 2016 is a total blur that sounds and smells like a hospital room. I’m thankful I spent so much effort training myself out of my youthful tendency to ruminate over painful memories (and to worry about the future!) because I don’t have time for such nonsense, not when we have so many challenges ahead of us in 2017. (On that note, I wrote a whole post about what fascism is – n.b. it’s probably not what you think it is.)

I wish I had something better to offer readers than this on this blog, but I did post a list of art I loved in 2016 on my tumblr. I also have a backlog of comics I want to review so I hope I can start getting back into it next year. In the meantime, I’ll probably continue to take it easy in 2017 but I’ll have another comic posted here in a few days ❤

Take care and have an excellent new year!