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Speculative Relationships and the closest I will ever come to writing fanfic

I’m really happy to announce that my comic will be featured in the third and final volume of Speculative Relationships! I’m very pleased to be in excellent company with all the other artists on the lineup.

The piece I’m working on is a spin-off of a longer script I wrote that’s heavily based on the relationship between legendary fashion designer Alexander McQueen and his partner-in-crime, Isabella Blow. It’s basically the closest I will ever come to writing fanfic. I’ve spent hours researching both McQueen and Blow – I’ve read the multiple biographies and watched hours of interview footage, picking up a fair bit of fashion history along the way.



Interestingly, if you look at a number of prominent fashion designers like John Galliano and Martin Margiela, what you’ll find are intelligent, creative and driven women who helped nurse these men’s careers, remaining almost entirely unacknowledged outside fashion circles. Women like Blow, Amanda Harlech and Jenny Meirens are sometimes described as “muses” but their roles were far more active – these women played the role of investors,  operational managers, creative editors and PR professionals, helping the designers they supported become household names.

So I wanted to give Ms. Blow her due. To show how a woman’s ghostly presence can haunt and manipulate reality. For those of you unfamiliar with Blow, here’s a brief biographical clip by Fashion Television that aired following her death:

For Speculative Relationships, I’ve updated the Blow-McQueen relationship to reflect a more diverse and multicultural future: “Isobel” is a biracial British woman and while “Lex” is still a white, working class bloke from London’s east end, he’s married to a Persian man.

As for the clothes, I’ve drawn inspiration from the sleek, powerful lines of McQueen’s tribute show to Blow, “La Dame Bleue” as well as giving a wink to his infamous bumsters.

Anyways, this comic is dedicated to Ms. Blow (1958-2007). May she rest in Manolos.