Kawai’s Guide to TCAF Eats v.2 (updated 2018)

It’s been three years since I wrote a food related post for TCAF so it’s about time for an update. It’s now 2018 so I’ve made updates yet again – and added a map with accessible restos 🙂

CLOSE TO THE TRL (listed in order of walking distance)

Most restos listed below do takeaway, but almost everything is made to order, so there is a bit of a waiting period. Also, it’s worth noting that most restaurants in Yorkville are overpriced and I would recommend avoiding them even though some review quite favourably.

  • Crêpes à GoGo: sweet and savory crepes, made to order, limited seating, located across the street; fyi it’s not particularly filling $7-$12 (2 min)
  • Sabai Sabai: Northern Thai/Laotian, vegan options, can take away; recommended you place order beforehand for takeaway $10-$15 (5 min)
  • Calii Love: breakfast, salad and poke bowls irritatingly named after emotions; the food’s healthy and decent but you are def paying an Instagram tax; vegan and gluten free options $15-$20 ($10 snack size bowls) (5 min)
  • Pi Co: Neopolitan style pizzas, made to order, gluten free options, limited salad takeaway options $10-$15 (6 min)
  • Planta: upscale vegan/vegetarian dining, listed here for those with dietary restrictions, $17-$25 (6 min)
  • Onnki Donburi: nothing mindblowing but pretty affordable/fast, $11-$16 (7 min)
  • Okonomi House: okonomiyaki, made to order; recommended you place order beforehand for takeaway $8-$15 (7 min)
  • Ravi Soups: wraps and soups, good combos, fast; call ahead for pickup $10-$14 (7 min)
  • Caplansky’s Deli: Jewish style deli, fast, can take away $12-$15 (10 min) CLOSED
  • Yorkville Village food court: various vendors, affordable, swanky seating area. Vegetarian/vegan OK. Walk upstairs for Palm Lane or further into the mall for Whole Foods $6-$15 (10 min)


Given that most TCAFers would like to save their hard earned ca$h, your best options for excellent dining on the cheap is concentrated in this neighbourhood. It also should be easy to find something for those with dietary restrictions and more upscale options (El Rey, Grey Gardens, etc.) are available. My personal budget recommendations would be:

  • FIKA (lovely Nordic style café with good pastries) $
  • Hibiscus (vegan/vegetarian place, better than Urban Herbivore but limited hours) $
  • Jackpot Chicken Rice (Asian comfort food, although saltier than is traditional, n.b., chicken is “ethically raised” in Ontario and hormone free) $$
  • Kekou (avoid all the Thai rolled icecream places and IG whoring dessert trend shops, Kekou is where it’s at) $
  • Patito (bumping little Filipino place; their cheesecake is to die for) $$ CLOSED
  • Rasta Pasta (I’ve had the jerk chicken dinner here for $5 so many times) $
  • Seven Lives (fresh tacos, good luck finding seating) $
  • Veggie D-Light (a favourite at The Beguiling) $


The last couple years have been rough as I’ve seen some of my favourite restos close. Some places I love that are still standing:

  • Yasu (Annex; high end sushi, better than Kaji – yeah, I said it) $$$$
  • Buk Chang Soon Tofu (Annex; cheap, tasty and blisteringly fast) $
  • Boralia (Queen West and Ossington; pitch perfect meals, great with dietary restrictions, pricey) $$$
  • Awai (High Park; excellent plant-based food with a PWYC/barter model, though you should pony up) $$$


Indigenous cuisine has been in the spotlight lately so if you want to try some regional cuisine aside from poutine (which is a Quebecois thing anyway), check out:

  • Nish Dish (Koreatown, just west of the Annex) $
  • Pow Wow Café (Kensington Market) $
  • Ku-Kum (just east of Yonge between Davisville and Eglinton stations) $$$

I’ve eaten at all three places and they’re all delicious, all recommended!


This link comes courtesy of Dan Seljak and the AccessNowApp: Accessible restaurants near TRL. Thanks Dan!

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