Comics & Side Projects

Pre-TCAF Updates

I’m happy to announce that Rotten Variety and Cute Juice will be tabling together this year at the TCAF Zineland! Click below and enjoy some amazing collage art by RV’s Gart Darley 🙂

Gart and I have been working on a secret project together and we are really looking forward to sharing it with you ❤

I’ll also be debuting Speculative Relationships 3 so come on by and snag a copy if you didn’t get in on the Kickstarter! If you like, you can read more about my story in this anthology.


Also, this year, I’ve started learning leatherworking. I picked up a salvaged cowhide – a pelt with patterns cut out of it already so it’s in a wonky shape that’s difficult to use – and have been making leather chokers with quartz pieces. Please let me know on Twitter if you’d like to see these at TCAF.


I’ve also been remiss in updating the comics writing I’ve done off my official blog this year. I’ve a couple more text interviews online with two wonderful comics people, Marnie Galloway and Kim Jooha.

I also wrote a review of Celine Loup’s Mother for Your Chicken Enemy. YCE pays its writers and its editor, Daniel Elkin, was great to work with, so do consider pitching him reviews/comic articles ideas.

I’ll have more updates soon. Hope to see you at TCAF18!