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2018 quick recap

2018 was a pretty quiet year for me comics-wise and I have to admit, I did not read a lot of comics that were suitable for this blog as they were not about sex and relationships. I did however, write a couple reviews for the 2018 best-of round-up by Your Chicken Enemy. The round ups feature a lot of self-published works, very small journals and what not, so if you are looking for newer independent comics, do give this a look.

Outside of comics, a couple artists who are really pushing boundaries while representing sex in art:

Four Chambers


A film project that “remains deliberately ambiguous, rejecting labels for both their films and performers, existing in-between genres of both art and pornography and dismissing the need for a definition of either.” Ashley Vex was booted off Patreon in the big sex purge but has come back swinging with a new payment system and swag that’s already sold out. Her work is gorgeously cinematic and can be deliciously cerebral.

Queen Solomon


Tamara Faith Berger returns with a dense and provocative novel that explores ties between mysticism and exile, pornography and obscenity, religion and gender. If you want a challenging read about critiquing power, this is it.

Aside from that, the last quarter of this year was dominated by speaking engagements and a research-intensive project that I’m hoping will be public soon. I had planned on posting updates of a comic I’ve been working on this year called Under the Influence, but looking back on how social media sites like Patreon and Tumblr have been cracking down on basically anything to do with sex that strays too far outside of “good heteronormative sex,” a la Gayle Rubin, I’m glad I decided to keep it offline. Even though it is not sexually explicit, let’s just say there’s no “good sex” in it. Anyway, I haven’t decided what to do with this non-pornographic, non-good-sex comic because it’s 40 colour pages and I’m not printing a huge run of that $$$$$. I’ll update here if it ever sees the light of day lol.


(from Gayle Rubin’s Thinking Sex: Notes for a Radical Theory of the Politics of Sexuality, 1984)

Otherwise, have still been making chokers, including this one for my friend who worships at the altar of BEYONCE


That’s it from me. Wishing readers all the best for 2019 ❤