Comics I like about philosophers


Reich, Elijah Brubaker (2007-2014)

An incredibly ambitious, well researched biographical comic series about Wilhelm Reich, one of Freud’s defectors who combined his psychoanalytic practice with political theory. He’s something of a fringe figure. There’s a pretty good review here.


The Index vol. 1, Caitlin Cass (2015)

A most charming comic exploring philosophical ideas and featuring Diogenes, who appears here as cranky as ever. I’m not sure why this comic hasn’t garnered more attention, it’s very intelligent, humourous, and creative. The series is not complete; I’ve one more issue after this collection of the first five and Cass’ website states that she has planned 10 issues.


Heretics! The Wondrous (and Dangerous) Beginnings of Modern Philosophy, Steven Nadler & Ben Nadler (2017)

This isn’t the kind of comic I like to read, but I think it would make a great gift for someone intimidated by the idea of reading a philosophy book. It’s written by Steven Nadler, a professor at U Wisconsin-Madison who specializes in Spinoza, Descartes, etc., and is drawn by his son, Ben. As such, the comic focuses on the main tenants of major philosophical figures of the 1600s with the bold claim that this is the most brilliant period in intellectual history which is telling. It’s clearly a labour of love because it’s a real challenge to make people sitting at writing desks visually interesting and a reader would probably learn far more from consulting straight up text. Having said that, you do get a good overview of key theories with some social and bibliographical context, making for a solid introduction.

n.b., I know there are a few popular webcomics out there. Most people find them very funny; I don’t tbh.