Creative Projects


I had originally planned to write a nice HK/Bangkok travel guide for March, but that month kind of went to shit. Plus no one is traveling anywhere to see art for the foreseeable future. In the spirit of the times, as a part of the digital zine fest, Quaranzine, I’m uploading the print file for a micro zine. Do check out the fest’s website as there are also some online events planned for April 5th. Also, you can browse the tag #quaranzinefest to discover work by artists who were going to table at TCAF!


In which I text-interview Peter Birkemoe of The Beguiling, which is currently offering books by post or curbside pickup! You can email or call 416-533-9168 between 11-6. (If you’re like me and have extra reasons to be skittish about any kind of human contact, you can also order a gift certificate.) If you like this one, you can read more of my text interviews with comics people.

Print at home using a letter sized sheet of paper, cut and fold. If you’ve never made this kind of zine before, check out this YouTube tutorial