Creative Projects

Publishing updates

I’m dropping in today with some teasers:

  • I’m very excited to have in my hands a copy of the second volume of Smutburger featuring a short piece commissioned by the editors, Courtney Toderash and Tamara Faith Berger. The “soft launch” will be online this Friday, part of a Smutburger-hosted teach-in about abortion rights in Canada. All ticket sales will be donated to National Abortion Federation Canada.
  • In other smut news, I’ve an experimental piece coming out soon for the Erotica issue of Witch Craft Mag. They’re also publishing new prose and poetry on the site now which is great to see.
  • I’ve a short story forthcoming in The Fiddlehead. It won’t be out until “late 2023” but for now, here’s my contribution to the journal’s music recommendations feature: Theo Bleckmann’s Hello Earth
  • One last one, a tiny poem for DON’T SUBMIT!
  • Stay tuned for more news…