Sex zine and journal series hit list #2

As follow up to my first list, some more journals I’m checking out:

BUTT Magazine – “fagazine extraordinaire” is biannual magazine that features photography and interviews about alternative gay and queer culture and sexuality. Founded in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), it initially ran from 2001 to 2016 but reopened in 2022 with backing from luxury fashion brand, Bottega Veneta. Contributors have included Canadians AA Bronson, Bruce LaBruce, and Jordan Tannahill.

Extra Extra – A multidisciplinary biannual journal, also based in the Netherlands (Rotterdam). Explores eroticism and culture through its magazine and online platform.

Mal Journal – Mal appears to be defunct, a casualty to the pandemic, but the journal remains online. Launched in November 2018 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, the journal is themed around radical approaches to sexuality, gender and the erotic.

Sensored – Founded in 2021 and based in the UK, Sensored is an erotic photography magazine that celebrates “everything that is deemed demoness.”

April 17/23 Update:

Rat Chat Magazine – this Toronto based magazine is a “personal, political, erotic, and sometimes funny” publication. Unfortunately, it looks like it has stalled since its first issue (2021) but you can still read articles online.